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  • Affordable Bathroom Renovation

    If your bathroom looks like it’s worth a renovation but you’re still not ready for a full renovation, you can try a simple renovation. At an affordable price and without having to involve an expert you can change the look of your bathroom so that it is more lively, easier to use, all at a […]

  • Low Cost Bathroom Renovation Ideas!

    Renovation activities are often considered expensive and troublesome. Even though with the right technique and budget planning, you can still make some changes to improve and change the appearance of the bathroom to make it cooler. So you don’t need to worry anymore about the possibility of increasing costs, here’s a complete review of bathroom […]

  • Smart Tips for Cheap Quality Bathroom Renovations

    Do you want to renovate your bathroom at home to make it look new but still cheap? Don’t worry, how come you can make the bathroom in your home look new and maintain quality in the following way, see the explanation!smart tips for renovating bathrooms at minimal cost but still of high quality The bathroom […]

  • 4 Things to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom!

    Renovating a house is one way that is usually taken to update or update the appearance of a dwelling. When renovating your home, you can choose to update the entire look of your home or simply change certain areas, such as the bathroom. Well, because it aims to update the look, bathroom and Kitchen cabinets […]

  • Favorite Bathroom Renovation Design

    The bathroom area is one area that requires a lot of effort to renovate, namely in terms of time and cost. Therefore, don’t just renovate. Check out the 8 most favorite minimalist bathroom design inspirations Since then, so many designers have applied it, especially this bathroom. With curved and unique wall tiles, the feel of […]

  • Upgrade the Look of Your Bathroom When Renovating with These Tips!

    Adjust Room Size with Color Scheme First and foremost, we need to decide what color we want to use in our bathroom. This will set the tone for the entire space. If you want a small bathroom to feel bigger, light colors are always a good choice. They make the space feel airy and open. […]

  • Bathroom Renovation

    Renovating a bathroom is quite a difficult task because it involves many elements such as tiles, walls, sinks, showers and other elements. Although it all depends on your needs, there are still many aspects to consider before implementation. The bathroom is an important room for residents of the house. A place to clean yourself, what […]

  • Old Bathroom Renovation So Modern Minimalist

    A minimalist bathroom is one of the important things for a house besides an aesthetic design. Keep in mind, if the bathroom is part of the house sanitation that must be considered properly. Because, the sanitation system is one of the important priorities, especially the minimalist bathroom is an important thing that is often considered […]

  • Bathroom Renovation Tips and Costs that Need to be Known

    The bathroom is a room that has a vital function in the house. Therefore, as much as possible cleanliness and tidiness must be maintained. Having a nice and clean bathroom will certainly make you feel comfortable. So, what if the condition is not feasible? The right step you can take is to renovate the bathroom […]