Low Cost Bathroom Renovation Ideas!

Renovation activities are often considered expensive and troublesome. Even though with the right technique and budget planning, you can still make some changes to improve and change the appearance of the bathroom to make it cooler.

So you don’t need to worry anymore about the possibility of increasing costs, here’s a complete review of bathroom renovation ideas with a budget of 3 million that you can emulate!

Simple Bathroom Needs

The first step General contractor atlanta that needs to be taken before calculating the cost of making a bathroom is to determine its size. This is intended so as not to over budget and the funds issued are in accordance with the needs.

Generally, the cost required to make a bathroom measuring 2×2 m3 is certainly different from the size of 1×1 m3 or 2.5×2.5 m3. Therefore, it is important that you record the details carefully and thoroughly.

Material Type Bathroom Budget 3 Million

In addition to determining the size, you also have to pay attention to the type of material you choose before renovating a bathroom with a budget of 3 million. In order not to over budget, let’s get to know the ingredients one by one!

Not only determining the size, what you also have to pay attention to before starting the construction process is choosing the type of material for the need to renovate a bathroom with a budget of 3 million. Make sure to buy things according to the budget, OK?

  1. Wall and floor tiles

The main material that must be in the bathroom is ceramic. You can choose it according to personal taste based on the needs of the walls and floors. For example, to minimize the possibility of falling while in the bathroom, you should choose ceramic with a textured surface so it doesn’t feel slippery.

  1. Toilet

To make a bathroom with a budget of 3 million, you should use a squat toilet, which is cheaper than a sitting toilet. Even though it doesn’t feel good in terms of appearance, the advantage is that you can save on budget costs.

  1. Showers

In the concept of a simple 3 million budget bathroom, generally the presence of a shower is not so mandatory. But in contrast to a water bath which will take up more space, using a shower can be the right choice to save water.

  1. Other furniture

If you feel that there is still a lot of space left, you can complete your bathroom needs with other furniture such as a mirror, sink, towel rail, soap dish or storage rack. Some of these objects can make it easier for you to arrange things neatly.

One cool tip for turning a simple bathroom into a prettier one is to put some green plants in it. Not only adds to the aesthetics, the presence of indoor ornamental plants is also refreshing to the eye.

Maximize the view with a unique mirror

The presence of a mirror in the bathroom is actually not mandatory, but there’s nothing wrong with adding this one thing if your budget is still sufficient. You don’t need to buy branded items, you should choose a model that has a unique design like the picture above.

It looks tidier with a minimalist shelf

Adding a minimalist shelf to put bathroom equipment is a brilliant idea. The reason is, you don’t have to bother moving it every time so you avoid the possibility of items being scattered. Precisely with shelves, the bathroom will look tidier.

Bathroom wall creations

Even if you build a bathroom with a budget of 3 million, you can still decorate it with unique and cool walls. One of them is an industrial concept that is artistic but still saves costs.

Modern look with sink

Installing a sink in the bathroom can turn a simple look into a more modern one. The key is to adjust your budget by choosing a model that is affordable but not cheap.

More private with simple curtains

If a more luxurious bathroom uses glass as an insulator, you can save money by tricking it with curtains. So, the toilet will feel more private as well as charming.

Anti-mainstream by installing wallpaper

Wallpaper can also be an interesting idea as an additional decoration in the bathroom. In order to save costs, just use one of your collections in another room to be mounted on the toilet wall.

Complete with a small shower

Usually, a simple bathroom is not equipped with a shower. However, nowadays there are many quality brands at low prices that can be used as a complement to furniture in the home toilet.

How, the idea of renovating a bathroom with a budget of 3 million is more than enough, isn’t it to make it look more stylish? In addition to some of the inspiration above, you can actually combine it with imagination and creativity. Because maybe, the result will be cooler and more in line with the character of its inhabitants.

To make it more aesthetic, it’s a good idea to complete your new bathroom with beautiful complementary knick-knacks.


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