Favorite Bathroom Renovation Design

The bathroom area is one area that requires a lot of effort to renovate, namely in terms of time and cost. Therefore, don’t just renovate. Check out the 8 most favorite minimalist bathroom design inspirations

  1. It turns out that the pink color in the bathroom has a meaning, you know!

Since then, so many designers have applied it, especially this bathroom. With curved and unique wall tiles, the feel of the bathroom is even more pleasant. Pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and help relieve feelings of anger, aggression and laziness

  1. Release stress with nature in the bathroom

To create a semi-outdoor bathroom in the house, you can place the bathroom area on the side of the house so that it connects with the outdoor area of your house. As privacy, use a concrete wall at least 3.5 meters high as a fence as well as a wall from your bathroom. Provide voids in between as access for sunlight to enter.

For a natural accent, place some plant pots in the corners of the bathroom and apply wood as your bathroom floor.

  1. Tips for choosing a bathroom floor, it’s not difficult

Unlike floors in other rooms, choosing a Interior remodeling bathroom floor requires extra attention because it not only has to look good, but also has to be safe and not easily slippery. There are many non-slippery materials that you can use as bathroom floors; from vinyl, stone tiles, to the most popular, ceramic.

Ceramic floors are more popular for bathrooms because they are water resistant and come in a variety of patterns. Although ceramic tiles are not as rough as stone tiles, you can experiment with the size and model of the floor installation. In this bathroom, the tiled floor is made of a rectangle with not too large dimensions, then arranged in a herringbone pattern. Apart from being beautiful, the lines of the floor joints and the herringbone pattern can make the bathroom feel less slippery.

  1. Tips for using green in the bathroom to make it look elegant

Moss green color is one of the favorite choices when you want to inject color into a modern concept house. Because it helps brighten up the room without feeling overwhelming. Regarding the use of color at home, do you prefer just white or do you like to combine several colors?

  1. Renovate the shower box in the small bathroom

The rectangular shape of the shower box will take up space. The trick is to trim the corners so they have five sides. Use a head shower that seems hidden and produces the illusion of a waterfall from the sky. To present natural lighting, use a tempered glass ceiling. Here’s a photo of the change.

  1. Gives a neat impression in a small bathroom

The benefits of using a floating sink can help create the illusion of a taller space, especially for small bathrooms. By making a cavity under the sink, allowing light to enter to illuminate this area. Humans subconsciously often associate luminous areas as additional space that makes a wider impression.

  1. Sunlight should be given a gap to illuminate the bathroom

One of the advantages of living in a tropical country like Indonesia is the high intensity of the sun. Thanks to abundant sunlight, you can design a house with an energy-efficient concept, even for the bathroom area.

In the design plan, you can present glass openings to replace the role of the bathroom roof. Sunlight that enters the room can maintain the humidity level of the bathroom.

  1. Often, the limited size of space becomes an obstacle in designing a room, including the bathroom. Here’s the solution!

In designing a small bathroom of 1 x 2 meters, there are several aspects that you should pay attention to. Such as the selection of colors, ventilation, lighting, the use of complementary accessories to be used and the arrangement of the interior which is quite simple but maximum.

If you want to have a bathtub for a minimalist bathroom, you can use an alcove bathtub or what is known as a rectangular shape and be installed together with the bathroom wall because it will help make your bathroom feel free.

  1. Bathroom wall tiles must be one color and pattern? Certainly not!

You can explore the placement of ceramics to create a unique impression. For example, rectangular tiles on a wall can be installed with a chevron pattern. Use color tones that still intersect if you don’t want the bathroom to be too crowded.


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