Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom is quite a difficult task because it involves many elements such as tiles, walls, sinks, showers and other elements. Although it all depends on your needs, there are still many aspects to consider before implementation.

The bathroom is an important room for residents of the house. A place to clean yourself, what or where is the water and dirt. If something goes wrong in the bathroom, it is very difficult to function at home.

If you buy an old house, Handicap remodeling bathroom renovation can be one of the keys to making the place comfortable. However, because this room is different from the others, you have to pay attention to many elements, such as technical issues and budgeting.

The condition of the bathroom should be checked by checking the faucets, toilet drains and drain pipes. Open the faucet for a few minutes, check the state of the water and look at the drain.

If the water drains very well in clear conditions and the drainage holes aren’t clogged, then there isn’t much that needs to be renovated. Major bathroom leaks can occur when the drain or faucet is damaged. Studying the condition of the pottery and the function of the elements it contains also influences how many changes need to be made.

Subsequent changes are also influenced by the condition of the bathroom in terms of shape, construction materials, lighting and other factors. Design inspiration can be obtained from several sources such as Pinterest, but you also have to look at the shape and lighting of the bathroom so that the results don’t disappoint.

Advice from people who are knowledgeable about interior design and home construction can be very helpful in brainstorming ideas to streamline the process.

Renovating a bathroom to make it more aesthetic is great, but it’s a shame if the bathroom doesn’t work properly in the end, and there are a few things to pay attention to at the start, namely:


Making life easier for residents in the long run. Make sure your bathroom doesn’t cost a lot of maintenance just for the sake of aesthetics. Prioritize the purpose of the bathroom according to its occupants then choose a design that suits your bathroom. Choose materials that are easy to care for, non-slip and of high quality.

 Energy saving

Energy-efficient bathrooms make it easier for residents to pay their electricity bills. For example, you can cover the bathroom roof with frosted glass so that it can let light into the bathroom during the day.

 Healthy Bathroom

Water keeps things wet, making them susceptible to rot and mold. Keep in mind that the bathroom is a damp place, make sure there is enough ventilation so that the walls and floors don’t stay wet for too long.

There are several questions that must be answered about the bathroom so that it remains functional, such as, Who will use the bathroom? How many will use the bathroom? Which parts do you want to replace and which parts do you want to keep?

The last is the budget that you need to prepare, while the cost is the nominal amount that will be used to renovate the bathroom. Strive so that the cost of remodeling a bathroom is not greater than the budget.

 Set realistic goals
 Calculate cost estimates
 Unexpected costs

Thoroughly remodeling a bathroom or not really depends on your conditions and needs. Other aspects of course also need to be considered such as the condition of the house, humidity, and healthy housing conditions.


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