Bathroom Renovation Tips and Costs that Need to be Known

The bathroom is a room that has a vital function in the house. Therefore, as much as possible cleanliness and tidiness must be maintained. Having a nice and clean bathroom will certainly make you feel comfortable. So, what if the condition is not feasible? The right step you can take is to renovate the bathroom to replace obsolete equipment and fixtures.

So, before starting to revamp, it would be nice to do some planning in advance so that the budget and expectations are right. Curious what to prepare? Further information will be explained below.

Things to Know Bathroom remodeling atlanta

  1. Choose a Bathroom Concept

To get good renovation results, you must first determine the bathroom design. There are many choices of interior design concepts that are popular today. Some of them are minimalist, rustic, classic, industrial, coastal, Scandinavian styles, and many more.

Each of these concepts can give a different impression. There are those that offer serenity, display a natural rural atmosphere, harmonization, and so on according to the character or wishes of the inhabitants.

  1. Create a Layout Design

Determining the area layout design also needs to be considered when you want to do a bathroom renovation. A good bathroom space has three main components, namely the sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub. Separate the three areas with blinds, mirrors, or permanent walls. This barrier is important to separate dry and wet areas.

Determining the floor height also needs to be considered when planning the layout of the bathroom. Make sure the dry floor is higher to prevent puddles so that dry areas are maintained. Setting the lighting layout and air circulation holes should not be forgotten. The reason is, the right placement of these two aspects can create optimal comfort in your bathroom space.

  1. Select Ceramic

In addition to the layout, the selection of ceramics also needs attention. For safety, make sure the floor material is safe and not easily slippery and crusty when wet. Besides that, choose a cool hexagon motif to make the bathroom look more attractive. The walls also need to be coated with ceramic so they don’t get moldy. Some ceramic choices that can be taken into consideration include granite, matte materials, caspari motifs, hexagonal motifs, rubber laminating materials, wood ceramics, and natural stone ceramics.

Note also the size of the ceramic that will be used. If bathroom space is limited, avoid using large tiles. The solution, you can use medium-sized tiles that are arranged in such a way that they look together. This can give the effect of the bathroom looking bigger and tidier.

  1. Choose Bathroom Furniture and Equipment

Bathroom renovation also requires some essential furniture. One of them is a shower to rinse the body while bathing. Besides being practical, showers are more space-saving than bathtubs. If the room space is large enough, add a bathtub for relaxation soaking in warm water.

The next furniture that should not be forgotten is the toilet. Sitting or squatting toilet models can be adjusted according to comfort. In fact, there are now many modern style toilets that are equipped with advanced technology. Finally, complete your new bathroom with a sink for washing your hands and face.

If the space capacity is still sufficient, add cabinet or drawer furniture. It has quite a lot of functions, namely as storage for the provision of hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, tissue, and storage for towels. No need to be too big. Now there are many models of drawers and cabinets with many functions but are minimalist in size.

Because the shapes and types of furniture are very diverse, you must be careful in choosing the right one. Just adjust to the design concept that has been determined. For example, if you choose a minimalist concept, choose a furniture model with a similar theme.

  1. Create Renovation Priorities and Budget

Before you go crazy buying furniture, it’s a good idea to secure a bathroom renovation budget based on a priority scale. Prioritize the allocation of funds for ceramics first because the cost of disassembling and installing it is one of the most expensive and time-consuming.

Then, prioritize the budget for the handyman. The next most important allocation of funds for showers, toilets, sinks and bathtubs. If these needs have been met, then move on to other equipment such as accessories to beautify the room.


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