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The sixth Nomadikon conference

By Asbjørn Grønstad and Øyvind Vågnes on 08.10.2012 (09:00).


The sixth Nomadikon conference "Ecologies of seeing, or Seeing Whole" took place in Albany, New York in late September, a magnificent event jointly organized by The College of Saint Rose and co-hosted by Mark Ledbetter, Susan Cumings and Theresa Flanigan. What was different this time, then, was that Nomadikon, rather than hosting the conference on our home turf as has been the case with the previous five meetings, went on a little transatlantic excursion. It was an intense but hugely rewarding four days academically as well as socially. Spanning a vast array of topics from the face of Anonymous to the politics of the stare, film screenings in prison, Joe Sacco, Virginia Woolf, the planetarium, Chinese cinema, the aesthetics of lingerie, artless photographs, the panoptic sublime and environmental art - to name only a few - the presentations were invariably excellent and the connections between them many and pertinent. Rarely have I been to a conference with so many effortlessly and eleganty overlapping themes and concerns. On occasion the kind of expansive interdisciplinarity that we try to encourage in Nomadikon can lead to cacophony; in Albany it led to a mellifluous fugue of intersecting discourses and voices. The high academic level notwithstanding, the sixth Nomadikon Meeting will be equally remembered for its enriching social dimensions and its friendly vibe, in no small part due to the incomparable hospitality of Mark, Susan and Theresa. I have a feeling that this Sixth conference - the last one planned - will be not so much a conclusion as a beginning.


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