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Illustration, Comics and Animation Conference at Dartmouth College

By Øyvind Vågnes on 24.04.2013 (14:00).


I'm just back from one of two comics conferences I'll attend this spring, "Illustration, Comics and Animation" at Dartmouth. The motivating idea behind the conference, Michael Chaney explained the presenters on Saturday morning, was to create a conversation between researchers who've focused on illustration, comics or animation in their work, but have tended to present in specialized panel sessions in the past. The program will give you a pretty good idea how this worked. Instead of attending panels in small groups according to our major research interests, we were all healthily exposed to each other's perspectives. Even if some might have stepped out of their comfort zones for a moment, I believe most of those who were there found this strategy very rewarding. I certainly did.

This was my first trip to this part of the states (I've neither been to Vermont nor to New Hampshire before). The program was tight, as it should be when a couple of dozen scholars gather for a couple of days, but fortunately we had time enough to get to know each other a little. A special thank you goes out to David Beronä, whose work on wordless comics have inspired me much in the past, and who was great company - David was kind enough to write me an entire list of "Things To Do" in New York City, where I had a little time before and after the conference. So then I came there with an even longer list.


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