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By Asbjørn Grønstad on April 25, 2011. Link

This term I'm a visiting professor in UC Berkeley's Department of Film & Media, and last week I was invited to give a lecture for the Berkeley Film Seminar on the topic of "Entropic Cinema: The Case of Antichrist/Irréversible."

Visual Culture in Europe conference

By Øyvind Vågnes on April 18, 2011. Link

A few days ago I attended the second Visual Culture in Europe conference, Visualizing Europe: The Geopolitical and Intercultural Boundaries of Europe in Barcelona, an event expertly organized by Joaquín Barriendos and Anna María Guasch from Culturas Visuales Globales.

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

By Henrik Gustafsson on April 17, 2011. Link

The annual "Society for Cinema and Media Studies"-conference concluded last Sunday in New Orleans. The theme this year was "Media Citizenship," though, as usual, the numerous sessions charted a wide range of topics.

First International Berkeley Conference on Silent Cinema

By Asbjørn Grønstad on February 27, 2011. Link

This weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in "Cinema Across Media: The 1920s," the First International Berkeley Conference on Silent Cinema, an event presented by the Department of Film and Media at UC Berkeley and which, broadly speaking, focused on what one might call the transmedial history of cinema.

The University of Chicago Press Blog

By Øyvind Vågnes on January 03, 2011. Link

The University of Chicago Press Blog recently introduced a new feature, Traffic.




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