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NECS 2013

By Asbjørn Grønstad on July 04, 2013. Link

It's been almost two weeks since the 7th NECS conference.

What next, Nomadikon?

By Asbjørn Grønstad on July 01, 2013. Link

Today the university newspaper På Høyden runs an interview.

Observations from The Eye

By Asbjørn Grønstad on June 07, 2013. Link

I'm spending the morning hours at The Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam, the superbly designed shrine to the moving image situated by the waterfront across from the city's rather imposing railway station.

NNCORE in Helsinki

By Øyvind Vågnes on May 31, 2013. Link

I’m just back from the final Nordic Network for Comics Research conference in Helsinki.

Illustration, Comics and Animation Conference at Dartmouth College

By Øyvind Vågnes on April 24, 2013. Link

I'm just back from one of two comics conferences I'll attend this spring, "Illustration, Comics and Animation" at Dartmouth.

SCMS in Chicago

By Asbjørn Grønstad on March 18, 2013. Link

Last week Henrik and I returned from the annual SCMS conference in Chicago.

The sixth Nomadikon conference

By Asbjørn Grønstad and Øyvind Vågnes on October 08, 2012. Link

The sixth Nomadikon conference "Ecologies of seeing, or Seeing Whole" took place in Albany, New York in late September.

Ecologies of the Visual

By Øyvind Vågnes on September 12, 2012. Link

I’m just back from Ecologies of the Visual, the Third Visual Culture in Europe Meeting held in Trondheim last week.

The 40th Norwegian International Film Festival

By Asbjørn Grønstad on August 24, 2012. Link

The 40th Norwegian International Film Festival wrapped up in Haugesund yesterday.

Lightning Talk

By Øyvind Vågnes on June 08, 2012. Link

Last week I gave a five minute "Lightning Talk" at Now! Visual Culture in New York City.




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