Henrik Gustafsson

Postdoctoral Fellow

Henrik Gustafsson is working on a book tentatively titled Ruin and Resurrection: the Afterlife of Landscape which explores ethical and ontological claims about the image in relation to site-specificity, memory work and geopolitics. Departing from discourses about the unrepresentability of the Holocaust, the study revolves around the discrepancy between what we see and what we imagine, with special regard to the pervasive rhetoric of image prohibition and violation. Drawing from various sources of fiction- and non-fiction film, installation and video art, photography, painting and photojournalism, the project is an interdisciplinary effort to examine how images act across geographical and historical scales.

Gustafsson earned his doctorate from Cinema Studies, Stockholm University in the spring of 2007. His book Out of Site: Landscape and Cultural Reflexivity in New Hollywood Cinema 1969-1974, which examines the possibilities of using landscape to open up interdisciplinary perspectives on popular film, fine arts and cultural identity, was published by VDM Verlag in 2008. He has given courses on film history, genre, documentary film and visual culture. Research interests include: iconology, cultural memory and intermediality.